December '17 Product Updates

The list of December Product Updates:

  • Campaigns: Campaign URL field added
  • Affiliate Networks: Network Templates added
  • Landings: LP Protect and Direct Traffic Tracking added
  • Sources: more sub ids fields added
  • Improved Dashboard design


We improved the visibility and accessibility of Campaign (Tracking) URL by adding Campaign URL field directly to the “Edit Campaign” page.


Affiliate Networks

To save your time, you can now use the Preset Networks instead of adding them manually. If there are any networks you would like to see in RedTrack, feel free to submit your suggestions at and we will add them to the list of presets.


LP Protect. To make sure there are no unplanned entries to your Landings, LP Protect feature was added to the tracker. The script for LP protection can be found at the bottom of the Landing settings page as well as under the Campaign settings.


Direct Traffic. If you need to track direct traffic to your Landings, add the script provided to your landing pages.


Traffic Sources

From now on you can add up to ten sub ids to each of your Traffic Source (previously only 6 sub id fields were available).

Improved Dashboard Design

We have added some design improvements for the Dashboard page and made it more intuitive and easy to navigate. If you would like to have some custom dashboards, please share your ideas and use cases with us at


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