Checklist to start tracking

Creating your first campaign might seem scary and confusing if you're a newer affiliate marketer. Don't worry, it's easier than you might think!

To help you avoid feeling overwhelmed at the beginning, we have prepared this quick guide on starting tracking your campaigns with RedTrack. 

In order to get your tracker up and running, you need to follow these 6 steps:

Full guide is available here: How to make your RedTrack work for you: step-by-step quide

Step 1. Add a traffic source. Step-by-step guidelines for popular sources can be found here.

  • Choose a traffic source from our catalog or add a new one.
  • Pre-set traffic sources will already have sub-parameters listed. Sub-parameters enable the transfer of specific data for analysis.

Step 2. Add affiliate networks. We have prepared detailed integration manuals for widely used networks.

  • Choose an affiliate network from our catalog or add a new one.
  • Pre-set affiliate networks will already have Postback URL listed. Copy the link and transfer it to your affiliate networks' website. (eg.{sub2})
Step 3. Add your offers
Step 4. Add landing pages (optional)
  • This feature is optional as some offers only contain direct links to the product/service.
  • Landing page links can be obtained from your affiliate network or you can set them up on your own server.
Step 5. Set up your first campaign. A campaign contains of:
  • Traffic source
  • Affiliate network
  • Landings (optional)
  • Offers

If you followed the previous steps, you will have all of these components ready.

Specify cost per click (information given by affiliate network, varies for each offer).

Add additional filters if necessary and click Save. Campaign URL will be generated automatically. Transfer it to your traffic source

Step 6. Set up a custom tracking domain (optional).
Default tracking domain for RedTrack users is:
It's free to use and available for everyone.
However, if you wish to use a custom domain, you need to obtain one from an internet domain registrar and specify it in RedTrack settings.
Now you're all set up and ready to track your first campaign! Our tracking tool will make your hard work as affiliate marketer more relaxing and rewarding. 
If something remains unclear, please contact us at and our experts will be happy to help you get started.
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