Add Custom Tracking Domain

You can associate your domains with to use them for tracking links. For example, if your default domain is and you want to use for trafficking, you need to add your second domain in, and then set it up on your side.


Use these steps to add a domain:

1. Click the Plus sign at the top of the Domains page.

2. Enter domain Name.

3. Specify domain URL. 

4. Click Save



Now, let's figure out how to obtain a custom domain URL from an internet domain registrar. In this example, we will be using GoDaddy.

In order to add a custom domain to RedTrack, you will need to point your domain CNAME record to the following domain:


1. Open your registrar website and select your domain. You will need to configure DNS settings.




2. You will see a list of available records. Click ADD to create a new entry.





3. Select CNAME as the Record type and click SAVE




4. Fill in the required information as follows:


Host: track

Points to: 

Click Save





 The main domain will be used to generate your campaign and click URLs. After you complete the set up, it will appear on your list of DNS records:




The backup domains may be created to allow you to quickly substitute your main domain in case it is compromised.



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