Use this page as a starting point for analyzing your progress. Here you can view the summary of clicks, conversions, earnings, and Return of Investment (ROI) for selected period as well as the top offers, campaigns, and top attendance countries and ROI statistics.

 The following panes are available:

1. The Summary pane displays the following data:

  • Clicks – the number of clicks during selected period.
  • Conversions – the number of clicks during selected period.
  • Revenue – the total amount your affiliate networks earned during selected period.
  • Cost – the total amount paid to affiliates.
  • Income – the total amount you received during selected period.
  • ROI – profitability rate.

To select the summary period, use the Information for drop-down list. You can also change the currency and its exchange rate in the field to the right.

2. The Information and statistics pane displays the ROI graph for the period selected in the Summary pane.

3. The Top attendance by country pane displays the countries that bring the most number of clicks and conversions.

4. The Top campaigns pane displays the most profitable campaigns and their details. You can click the See full stats button to view statistics for all campaigns.

5. The Top offers pane displays the most profitable offers sorted by income.



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