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What is RedTrack

RedTrack.io is a SaaS traffic and conversions tracking solution for webmasters that can be used as an all-in one system to manage affiliate campaigns. With the help of its advanced data analysis tools you can easily optimize your affiliate campaigns and achieve higher marketing performance with smaller budget.

Here's a little diagram to give you a better understanding of what steps an Affiliate Marketing Campaign contains of and what role RedTrack plays in it:



RedTrack Video Overview

Confused on how to begin tracking? Don't worry, we will help you get started! Check out our RedTrack extended video review and learn about all the main features:


Data provider

At RedTrack, we invest into quality data and infrastructure, providing the highest level of security for our customers. We have switched to a new data provider, and our company of choice is Digital Elements.
Most of you are likely familiar with this famous name. For those who aren't - they are the industry's best data provider, brought to you by RedTrack.


Telegram community channel

Follow this link to join our community channel! You will be able to:

Chat with our experts
Ask any questions about our tracking solution RedTrack.io
Be the first to hear about feature updates and tracker news
Participate in special discount giveaways and lotteries

We are excited to get to know each one of you! See you there!


If you're already a RedTrack user, you have most likely received our e-mail update regarding GDPR Compliance.

We updated quite a few things including our practices, our functionality and our formal documents.

We advise that you check our:
- updated Terms of Use
- updated Privacy Policy
- Cookie Policy

We have also prepared the document explaining our and your roles according to GDPR regulations.



Still have questions? Check out our Knowledge Base or message us at support@redtrack.io and our experts will happily assist you!

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