Step 1. Adding a Traffic Source

We suggest to start the set up with adding a traffic source.

Source is the traffic origin from which advertisement is bought. When you create a source, you can specify subs - special parameters that help transfer specific data for analysis. For example, you can add an {{age}} sub that transfers the clicker’s age value to subID. Some of the other common subs specify GEO, location, device and cell phone provider. Subs can vary depending on which traffic source you are using.

We recommend you to make the most out of your subs. With this setting you will be able to analyze among which target groups the offer is most popular and disconnect other groups from this offer, maximizing your profit with minimal investments.

In RedTrack, you can use a pre-set catalog of Sources or add your own Traffic Sources. 


If you wish to track your own website's performance, add it as Traffic Source and the products you're promoting as Offers. Detailed information can be found here.


To add a new Source from a pre-set, go to the Sources tab and click New button. Choose a necessary Source from the Catalog and click Add. The information about the Source will be already filled in. In case the Postback URL or some of the subs are missing, you can add them manually. Please mind that some of the Sources include the parameters that should be modified at the moment of their inclusion based on specific campaign (e.g. goal for Exoclick or ap_key for Go2Mobi).



If the necessary Source is missing from the list, you can add it manually. To do that, click the Add new button. Fill in the Source's details: Name, Postback URL and the list of available sub-ids. Save the changes. This information can be obtained from your Traffic Source website or support team.

Feel free to contact us if you want a specific source to be added as pre-set. We will assist you by writing a step-by-step integration manual.

From the Sources list you can either edit or delete selected Source. You can also Export the list of your Traffic sources.

Additionally, you can sort your Traffic Sources by date and campaign. Statistics allow you to track the performance of each source.




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