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Campaign works as the combination of an offer and a traffic source. First, the system generates an individual link for the traffic source and then you can add one or several offers, filter them, distribute traffic according to various GEO parameters, providerы, etc as well as set up the system to send you notifications on selected conditions. Each campaign has additional postbacks to use when conversion data should be sent somewhere else.

 Use these steps to create a campaign.

1. Navigate to the Campaigns page and click the + (plus) sign at the top. Your screen may look similar to the following:

2. Enter a Campaign name.

3. Select a Source to associate with this campaign.

4. Define the campaign stream information:

   a) Select an Offer to associate with this campaign stream.

   b) Specify the Cost per click amount and currency.

   c) Define the stream Weight and Filters. To select multiple filters, click the down arrow in the Filters field and enable the filters you want to use.

   d) If you want to add more streams for the campaign, click the Save and add new stream.

5. Optionally, enable notifications to be informed of the campaign progress. To do this, expand the Notifications section and select On in the top right corner. Your screen may look similar to the following:

6. Define when you want to be notified by specifying the values in the following fields (you can also leave them blank if you do not want to use those conditions):

  • Clicks more than
  • Conversions more than
  • ROI less

In the Condition field, select  Or if you want to get an email each time any of the values is exceeded. Select And if you want to get an email only if all conditions are met.

7. Expand the Postback Setting section to define postback conditions. Your screen may look similar to the following:

8. Enter a Postback URL to use for this campaign and specify a clickID and subs for it if needed. Specify the postback conditions in the Send postback if section.

9. Click the Create button.

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