Statistics helps you to analyze your affiliate campaigns progress and efficiency.

 You can view statistics grouped by the following basic categories:

  • Daily
  • Campaigns
  • Conversions
  • Sources
  • Offers
  • Countries
  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

It is also possible to view statistics for various Subs (subaccount parameters that can transfer the required data for analysis).

Filter Pane

On each statistics page, you can use the Filter pane to refine the displayed data. 

  • Date – to select the date range, click the required start date and end date. If you want to view statistics for a specific date, double-click this date.

In other fields, you can select multiple filters. To do this, start typing and select the required values from the dynamic drop-down list.

  • Campaigns – select the campaigns for which you want to view statistics.
  • Offers – select one or multiple offers to get statistics for.
  • Sources – select the sources for which you want to view statistics.
  • Country – select the countries for which you want to view statistics.
  • OS - select one or multiple operating systems to get statistics for.
  • SubID – click the down arrow to display the sub fields and use them to refine displayed data by various subs.

After you adjust the required filters, click the Apply button to reload statistics.

Statistics Table

Statistics grouped by Date, Campaigns, Sources, Offers, Countries, OS, ISPs and Subs includes the following data for each category:

  • Hosts – the number of visitors.
  • Clicks – the number of clicks.
  • Conversions – the number of conversions.
  • Revenue – the total amount your affiliate networks earned.
  • Cost – the total amount paid to affiliates.
  • Income – the total amount you received.
  • CR – conversion rate.
  • EPC – earnings per click.
  • ROI – profitability rate.

 Statistics grouped by Conversions displays the following data:

  • Created on – this field identifies conversions by their creation date and time
  • Campaign – indicates which campaigns conversions belong to
  • Offer – indicates for which offers conversions were created
  • Country – indicates where conversions were created
  • Revenue – the cost of conversion
  • Status – conversion status.

To sort the columns in ascending or descending order, click their headers. You can also save statistics by clicking the Export to XLS button at the top of the page.


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