All your active campaigns are displayed in the list by default. You can use the available Filters  to adjust the items you want to view:


  • Time period - choose the time period for which you would like to see the data about the Campaigns.
  • Title – enter a name or a part of name to search for a Campaign you want to view. For example, if you enter 1 and click Apply, the list will display all campaigns that have 1 in their names.
  • Sources – use this drop-down list to select a source or multiple sources associated with campaigns you want to view.

After adjusting the filters, click the Apply button.

The Campaigns list contains such data as campaign Name and some Campaign metrics, such as Clicks, LP Views, LP Clicks, Revenue, ROI, etc.: 


You can manage selected campaigns from the list. The following actions are available:

  • Report – view the Statistics for a selected Campaign
  • Copy – copy campaign with its properties
  • Edit – edit campaign properties
  • Clone – create an identical campaign
  • Note - leave a note for a campaign
  • Delete – delete the campaign

You can also export the list of your Campaigns.

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