Use this page to work with offers.

All your active offers are displayed in the list by default. You can use the fields in the Filter pane to adjust the items you want to view:

  • Search – enter a name or a part of name to search for offers you want to view. For example, if you enter 1 and click Apply, the list will display all offers that have 1 in their names.
  • Select affiliate network – use this drop-down list to select an affiliate network or multiple networks associated with offers you want to view.
  • Select status – use this drop-down list to specify whether you want to view Active offers or Archived To view both types, leave the field blank.

After adjusting the filters, click the Apply button.

The Offers list contains such data as offer name, an affiliate network associated with it, the countries where it is available, the payment amount  for conversion and the offer tracking URL.


You can use the Action column to perform one of the following actions to selected offer:

  • Edit – edit offer properties.
  • Archive – deactivate offer.
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