Step 3. Adding Offers

Now that you added your Affiliate Networks, you can obtain specific offers provided by those Networks. 

Offer is a description of a product or a service that needs to be advertised as well as all the aspects of the advertising process (payments, sources, etc.). Without offers, you cannot properly track and monitor conversions.

The tracking process requires setting up Postback URL to receive {clickid} parameter and transfer the required conversion data when a lead is converted and you receive payment for a specified acquisition (eg. purchase, registration, sign up etc.)

The steps below describe the process of creating a new offer. Before creating a new offer, please make sure to add a relevant affiliate network that you took this offer from.

1. Open the Offers tab and click New



2. Fill in the New Offer form



3. Enter the name of the offer.

4. From the Affiliate network drop-down list, select a network to associate the offer with.

 The network will appear on the drop-down list only if you have previously added it in Networks tab.

5. The Tracking and Postback URLs will be filled-in automatically with the data from the template. You will only need to add a valid offer URL to the tracking URL.

Conversion tracking will only be possible if you modify the offer URL and manually add clickID macros to the link. For RedTrack, the correct clickID parameter will be {clickid}

Example of the modified offer link:{clickid}

6. Specify the Payout. 

7. In the Country field select the countries from where traffic is accepted for this offer.

Please note that Geo is for reference only and not used for traffic filtering or distribution. All Traffic filtering and distribution settings are done in the Campaign tab.

As soon as you have completed the form, save the changes.


All your offers are displayed in the list by default. From there you can check the statistics for each offer, e.g. number of clicks, Conversions, ROI, etc. You can use the fields in the Filter pane to adjust the items you want to view. You can filter the offers by Network, Country, Time period, as well as by Status (Active or Archived).


You can also manage your offers from the list. The following actions are available: edit, delete or archive the offers. You can also export the list of your offers. 


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