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Offers are required to properly track and monitor conversions. Set-up offer Postback URL to  receive {clickid} and transfer the required conversion data when a lead is converted. 

Make sure you add relevant affiliate network before creating an offer.

Use these steps to create an offer.

1. Navigate to the Offers page and click the + (plus) sign at the top. You screen may look similar to the following:

2. Enter an Offer name.

3. From the Affiliate network drop-down list, select a network to associate the offer with.

4. Specify the Payment amount and currency.

5. Enter a tracking URL for the offer . This value is used to transfer additional parameters to the offer, such as {clickid}.

6. The Postback field contains a postback URL for the affiliate network associated with this offer. For more information on how to set up postbacks from various affiliate marketing systems, review the Integration section.

7. In the Country field select the countries from where traffic is accepted for this offer.

8. Click the Create button.

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