Step 4. Adding Landings


Adding landing page

Once you have your landing page ready and uploaded to your hosting service, you can add it to Redtrack. Navigate the Landings tab, click New and fill in the New landing form.



Besides, you can copy the LP Protect code that allows you to prevent unwanted entries to your Landings.


Landing page click tracking URL

The  (or if you are using custom tracking domain) link is called your click tracking link.

You can use this single URL for all your landing pages. Redtrack will know where to redirect a user by reading a cookie that was set during the initial redirect to a landing page. In the rare case when a user disabled cookies, Redtrack also passes the same information from the campaign URL to lander URL and reads it from the referrer during the click redirect.

  • Make sure your landing page has this script: 

<script type="text/javascript" src="//%your_Redtrack_dedicated_domain%/track.js"></script>

  • Default tracking domain is

Tracking direct traffic

If you want to track direct traffic to you landing page please add the following script to it
<img src="//%your_tracking_link%?format=img" height="1" width="1" />


Editing Landings directly from Campaign section

If you wish to make changes to your landings, it can be done directly from Campaign section. Click the pencil edit button next to your Landing and you will be directed to the Edit landing page.



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