Error 400 Bad request

Why do I get "Error 400 Bad request" when I go to my tracking domain or when I go to my landing page and click on one of my links with the RedTrack click URL?

Firstly, going to your tracking domain will always create a 404 error - you'll need to setup a campaign and go thru the full unique campaign URL to be redirected to a lander or offer of your choosing.

In regards to going direct to your LP URL and clicking. Have you not wondered how it's possible thatRedTrack allows you to use the same click URL on all your landing pages without the need to paste any PHP scripts into each LP?

The way we do this is thatRedTrack passes all the campaign data through the unique campaign URL, and so, going directly to your LP and clicking on your click URL will not work.
To test the flow of a campaign you will need to first create a campaign and then copy the unique campaign URL into your browser, only then will the system know to which offer your visitor should be redirected to. 

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