Payout tracking (Revenue)

In RedTrack, there are 2 different ways you can track payout for conversions: Dynamic and Static.

  1. Dynamic. This method offers you an effective and accurate method of tracking using a dynamic payout token or fixed value in your S2S postback URL or Tracking pixel.

    Here’s how to set payout tracking to Auto: 

  • If your Affiliate Network supports a dynamic payout token, it will send it back to RedTrack via your postack URL / pixel for each registered conversion via our supported sum parameter.
  • Upon adding a Network, edit the Postback URL template with the payout tracking macro. It will vary for each particular Network, so please contact your account manager for the right parameter. 



Here are some examples of postback URLs with dynamic tokens:

AFFISE PB URL example:{sub1}&sum={sum}

HasOffers PB URL example:{aff_sub}&sum={payout}

CAKE PB URL example:


  1. Static. This provides you with an alternative solution if dynamic payout macros aren't supported by the Network. You can also record payout by using a fixed payout value in the Offer settings; to set it up, do the following:

  • When creating or editing an Offer, navigate the Payout tab

  • Set the unit payout value (in USD) per each registered conversion


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