Payout tracking (Revenue)

In Track, there are 2 different ways you can track payout for conversions, Auto or Manual.

  1. Auto. This offers you an effective and accurate method of tracking using a dynamic payout token or fixed value in your S2S postback URL or Tracking pixel.

    Here’s how to set payout tracking to Auto;

  • When creating or editing an offer, choose the Auto payout option


  • If your Affiliate Network supports a dynamic payout token, it will send it back to RedTrack via your postack URL / pixel for each registered conversion via our supported sum parameter.{partner_macros}&sum={payout}

Here are some examples of postback URLs with dynamic tokens:

AFFISE PB URL example:{sub1}&sum={sum}

HasOffers PB URL example:{aff_sub}&sum={payout}

CAKE PB URL example:


  1. Manual. This provides you with an alternative solution if dynamic payout macros aren't supported by the network. You can also record payout by using a fixed payout value in the offer settings; to set it up, do the following:

  • When creating or editing an offer, choose the Manual payout option

  • Then set the unit payout value (in USD) per each registered conversion

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