Can I create offers and landers for multiple-geo campaigns?

Currently you can assign a single country label per campaign, lander and offer.

In the case you wish to run a campaign that is targeted to multiple-geos, then you will leave the country selection blank (Global) within the campaign's settings.

 Follow the guidelines below to configure a multi-geo campaign;

  • Add your landers and offers, set the target country individually for each.
    If you leave country field blank while creating the lander / offer, it will be treated as 'global'.

  • Once you have finished adding the landers and offers for your campaign , set up your campaign using “global” as the selected country (the default setting).
    Then you’ll have an access to choose all landers / offers regardless of the country label which they've been assigned with.

    If you set the campaign's country to a specific one, you’ll be able to choose all landers / offers with the same country label and those which are set as 'Global'*.

* For instance, you won’t be able to choose a lander or offer labelled as Brazil from the drop-down list while the campaign’s country is set to Russia.

Landers and offers with the country label set to Russia and Global will be visible within the drop-down list

 Note: Country labeling within a campaign and it's associated entities is solely for organizational purposes and does not serve as a means of geo-targeting traffic.

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