Postback URL

If you want to track your conversions automatically you will need to setup Postback URL on your affiliate networks. We always recommend using the postback URL option as opposed to the img or script pixel option as it's safer and far more accurate.

For the pre-set Networks the templates are already filled in and only need to be adjusted. For custom networks it needs to be specified. 

Upon adding a new Affiliate Network you'll find postback URL section that consists of two lines: Postback URL template and Final Postback URL. 

Postback URL template looks as follows:{replace_me}&sum={replace_or_remove}




Actual clickID parameters need to be added to the Postback URL. The necessary macro should to be obtained from the Affiliate Network as they may vary for each particular Network.

Once the postback URL is generated, it can be added to the affiliate network either as global Postback, or on individual offer level if it is planned to use different macros for different offers.


If your Affiliate Network supports additional tracking parameters, you can add them in the subID field:




Your Postback URL will be edited automatically and appear in the Final Postback URL section:




This quick video shows the way conversions are being handled in each particular scenario:






Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!



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