PopCash Integration


PopCash is a highly specialized popunder advertising network. PopCash uses a popunder ad scheme where the ads are shown in a new window, underneath the current browser. Advertisements are triggered by visitors clicking anywhere on a website which has loaded the PopCash.Net ad code. PopCash uses a dynamic bidding system. Your traffic rate depends on a variety of different factors, such as traffic quality, end-user location and advertiser demand. PopCash platform has a very friendly-user interface that is easy to use even by people with no great experience in this field. Even if it is simple to use, there are all the features the advanced users are looking for.

To start tracking PopCash campaigns with RedTrack follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add PopCash as a Source in RedTrack

Navigate the Sources tab in RedTrack and press New. Choose PopCash from the catalog and click Add. PopCash will be added to your Sources.




Step 2. Setting Up a Campaign in RedTrack

The next step is to launch a Campaign in RedTrack with PopCash as a Source. Choose PopCash a s Source for the Campaign, fill in all the Campaign’s details and start it. Copy the Campaign URL from the correspondent field:



By default, all PopCash macros are automatically attached to the link. You may remove the macros you don't wish to use. In order to properly track conversions, make sure to keep the {ref_id} macros. For PopCash, it’s [siteid], so, in our example, the basic Campaign URL is



Step 3. Start a Campaign in PopCash

To start a new PopCash campaign, open Campaigns Tab and click Create a new Campaign. Insert the Campaign URL from the previous step into the URL field  and save your new Campaign.


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