January `18 update #2

Welcome to our second January 2018 RedTrack update.

We made quite a few changes in the application that should improve your experience, give better insights and more time to optimise campaigns.

  • Traffic Sources and Affiliate Network pre-sets
  • Passing actual traffic cost from a traffic source
  • Improved campaign management controls
  • Improved stream management control
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Let’s jump into details


Traffic Sources and Affiliate Network pre-sets

RedTrack.io now has pre-sets for Affiliate Networks and Traffic sources. Why do you need them?

With all the macros, placeholders and postbacks - you can save a lot of time with pre-sets. Most obvious cases would be:

  • Traffic source macros are automatically added to campaign tracking URL. You do not have to to add it manually every time you need campaign URL
  • If a traffic source accepts postback and you have modified post back URL with our id and other data required - it will be there automatically should you wish to activate postback.
  • Affiliate network postback. Set -it up once and when adding and offer - it will be there - just click a button to copy it.

We work with industry leaders to provide detailed step-by-step instructions for adding offers and traffic sources. This time we added guides for:

Looking for a specific integration? Ask us and we do a case you need. 


Passing actual traffic cost from a traffic source

This is very straightforward and useful. You can now use “cost={traffic-source-cost_macros}” macro in campaign tracking URL. When the traffic source passes the data - it will be used for the click recorded. If no data is available - default value will be used. 

Just fill our "Cost" field when adding traffic source and enjoy accurate cost data. 



Improved campaign management controls

We added more control buttons for the campaign create / edit pages. You can now access reports, clone campaigns and create new ones without going back to campaign dashboard page.



Improved stream management control

We added more control buttons for the streams management in campaign create / edit pages. Add new offers and landings with less clicks. 




You can check our first January 2018 update and December 2018 update for more awesome features we added recently. And there is more to come - conversion caps, drill-down reports, CPAPI integrations, SmarLlinks and steam auto-optimization. If there is a feature you want now - please let us know.


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