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Across the Internet, businesses are realizing the benefits of pay-per-click advertising. Bing ads can help you reach a new group of high-quality customers and increase your return on advertising spend (ROAS). In addition, clients with Bing ads campaigns often have lower costs-per-click (CPC) and costs-per acquisition (CPA) than with comparable Google AdWords campaigns.

This guide explains how to manage your Bing ads campaigns with the help of RedTrack. It’s really easy - just follow these few steps:

  1. Adding Bing ads as a Traffic Source in RedTrack
  2. Creating a campaign in RedTrack
  3. Obtaining a tracking link
  4. Setting up conversion tracking in Bing Ads


Step 1. Adding Bing ads as a Traffic Source in RedTrack


The first step is to add Bing ads as a Traffic Source in RedTrack. Go to the Traffic Sources Tab in your RedTrack account and click New. Since Bing ads is already included to the RedTrack Traffic Sources database, just choose it from the suggested pre-sets and click Add, then Save your New Traffic Source.




Step 2. Creating a campaign in RedTrack


Now that we have our Traffic Source in place, it is time to set up a new campaign. In RedTrack, go to the Campaigns tab and click New. Submit all the relevant details, such as your desired Campaign Name, Landing Page and the offer(s) associated with this campaign. Choose Bing ads as Traffic Source and click Save.

It is important to note that, while adding a Landing Page is optional in most cases, Bing ads is unable to process campaigns that do not contain a Landing Page.

Your Campaign URL will be generated automatically. Copy the link to clipboard.



Step 3. Modifying tracking URL


Before inserting the obtained URL to the source, it is important to ensure that all clicks and conversions will be tracked properly. In order to do that with the help of RedTrack, you need to insert ref_id macros into the Tracking URL. For Bing ads, the correct parameter is {msclkid}.


Here’s an example of a correct tracking link:{msclkid}


Step 4. Setting Up Conversion Tracking in Bing ads


Log into your Bing ads account, click the Campaigns tab. In the Campaign list, choose a campaign that contains ads that you want to track conversion for. On the Campaign selected page, click an ad group that that you want to track conversion for. On the Ad group selected page, click the Ads tab. Under Ad title, click the ad for which you want to enable tracking.

Click the pencil edit button in the upper right corner next to the ad name. To successfully set up a campaign, you need to input your offer’s Landing Page URL into the Final URL section.

Your modified tracking link needs to be added to the Tracking Template section.



Press the Test button once you’ve submitted all your data. If the set up is correct, you will receive a “Landing Page found” message. Click Save.


More information about Bing ads click measurement methodology can be found here. Additionally, you can always contact us at and we will happily assist you with any of the inquiries that you might have. Happy tracking!


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