February '18 Product Updates

Welcome to our February 2018 RedTrack update.

Here’s what’s new in RedTrack.io:

  • Conversion cap
  • Editing landing / offers directly from campaign section
  • Statistics for Traffic Sources
  • Show sub-id in click raw data
  • Offer validation

Let’s take a closer look at each feature:


Conversion cap


Identify your daily cap when adding an offer to RedTrack. You will be notified via e-mail upon reaching the cap. 


Tip: make sure to add several offers when setting a daily cap so that RedTrack has an alternative offer to send traffic to. It can be done in Campaign section. 




Editing landing / offers directly from campaign section


You no longer need to switch tabs in case you decide to edit one of the offers. Now you can do it directly from Campaign section of the menu. It's really easy - just click the pencil edit button.



Statistics for Traffic Sources

We added the ability to sort out your Traffic Sources by date and campaign and track the performance of each source by specific criteria.



Show sub-id in click raw data

Clicks tab has become even more informative. You can now view all the sub-ids associated with a certain click directly from this tab.



Offer validation


You will now get notified about offers that contain tracking errors caused by incorrect set-up (for example, wrong click-id macros). 







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