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For over 17 years, ClickBank has delivered lifestyle products to customers around the globe. Each of their unique products is created by a passionate entrepreneur focused on improving the lives of our customers by inspiring, instructing, or coaching..


Tracking offers obtained from Clickbank may be a bit challenging and isn’t easy to figure out, unless you know a few tricks. Luckily, we have prepared a solution for you that will allow you to track conversions with help of RedTrack. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to do this.


First of all, you need to understand that Clickbank will only call a Postback to a secure domain. It can be absolutely any domain you own, as long as it starts with https://


Step 1. Create and upload a PHP file to your server


Below we have attached a PHP file specially for RedTrack users, based on the original file prepared by Vita Vee.  It contains all the tracking information used by Clickbank and needs to be uploaded to your website.


Here’s the link to the file: 

The script was kindly provided by Duston McGroarty

Remember to update the Secret Key and RedTrackID if you are using your custom domain in the file before uploading it to your website.

Don`t forget to change file extension to *php before uploading.

Grab the full URL of where file can be found on your website. It will look like:

Step 2. Add your Pixel to Clickbank


Open your Clickbank account and go to Vendor Settings. Choose the My site tab.


Scroll down to the Integrated sales reporting and click Add tracking code. Here you need to choose Tracking Pixel: Order Confirmation (Receipt).



Choose to track sales as Affiliate and input the URL of your tracking pixel you’ve obtained in Step 1.




Step 3. Modify the link for your Clickbank offers


In order to enable tracking, you need to add tracking macros to your offer URL obtained from Clickbank. If you wish to use RedTrack, the correct parameter will be {clickid}.


The correct offer URL should look like this:




Step 4. Create an offer in RedTrack




Now you’re all set! Enjoy tracking your Clickbank offers in as little as 4 steps:


  1. Grab our PHP file and upload it to your website
  2. Add the link to your PHP file to your Clickbank account
  3. Modify offer URL
  4. Create an offer in RedTrack


As you can see, the set up isn’t that complex and can be done even by a newer affiliate marketer.


Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will happily assist you. Happy tracking!

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