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PPCMate are focused on investing in a full range of technology products and advertising solutions, ad serving products, ad exchange and delivering new ways for publishers to take advantage of them. They strive to offer quality traffic and services for advertisers at the best affordable rates. As Internet marketing maintains its rapid development and growth, PPCMate continues to meet the challenge head-on by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools.

If you wish to use PPCMate as your traffic source, in this detailed guide we will show you exactly how to do this.


Step 1. Adding PPCMate as a Traffic Source in RedTrack

To add PPCMate to RedTrack, open the Sources tab and click New. Choose PPCMate from the catalog and press Add. PPCMate postback URL and all the available macros will be already added to the Source.




Note that Postback URL template for PPCMate will be already pre-set in RedTrack. 


Step 2. Starting a Campaign in RedTrack

Now that we have our Traffic Source in place, it is time to set up a new campaign. In RedTrack, go to the Campaigns tab and click New. Submit all the relevant details, such as your desired Campaign Name, Landing Page and the offer(s) associated with this campaign. Choose PPCMate as Traffic Source and click Save.

Your Campaign URL will be generated automatically and will already include sub macros supported by PPCMate. They will pass tracking information for analysis. You may remove the macros you don’t wish to use. The only obligatory macro must contain the clickID parameter. For PPCMate, the correct value is {CLICK_ID}. Copy your Campaign URL to clipboard.






Campaign URL generated in this example will look like this:




Step 3. Launching a campaign in PPCMate


Log into your PPCMate account, open the Campaigns tab. Choose your desired traffic type. Paste the Campaign URL you have copied in Step 2 into Destination URL section. Additionally, you can click to view a list of all available macros and add them to your Campaign URL.




Specify your cost per visit, budget and GEO targeting.


Step 4. Choosing Tracking type in PPCMate


When setting up a PPCMate campaign, choose “Postback request” as tracking type. The Postback URL will be generated automatically. Note that the link is meant to be used for internal tracking. In order to track conversions with RedTrack, Postback URL needs to contain our tracking macro, i.e. {ref_id}.


To make it easier for you, Postback URL will be filled in automatically from pre-set template. The changes are already made to it.




Step 5.  Setting Up RedTrack to pass conversions to PPCMate


Return to your RedTrack account. To complete your Campaign setup, scroll down to Postback section and click Add. Your link will appear automatically.




Click Save and you’re all set!


Yes, it’s that easy! Just follow these 5 steps and we’ve got you covered:

  1. Add PPCMate as traffic source
  2. Launch a new campaign in RedTrack
  3. Set up a campaign in PPCMate
  4. Choose Postback as tracking type in PPCMate
  5. Edit your Postback URL in RedTrack

Feel free to contact us at support@redtrack.io and our team will happily assist you with any of the inquiries that you might have. Happy tracking!

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