Conversions Upload

In this article, we will show you how to manually upload conversions into RedTrack.

Log into your RedTrack account, go to Logs -> Conversions. You will see a list of all clicks that resulted in a conversion. Clicks can be filtered out by:

  • Date
  • Click ID
  • Traffic Source
  • Network
  • Offer that was clicked
  • GEO




If you wish to manually upload conversions that already happened, you need to create a .CSV file with headers on your Computer. Fill in the following information into corresponding tabs:


  1. Click ID -  needs to contain unique ID of each click.
  2. Payout - the amount you have earned per each particular conversion.

The rest of your data will be populated automatically based on ClickID. 

Click the Upload button and choose the .CSV file on your Computer. The clicks and all its data will appear in the Conversions tab right after the Upload is completed.


Please note that, once uploaded, conversions cannot be removed from your RedTrack statistics. 

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