Conversion Tracking Pixel

If the platform you're using does not support Server-to-Server (S2S) conversion tracking, RedTrack provides you with an alternative solution - Conversion Tracking Pixel. 


To make a Conversion Pixel work, you need to set up a "Thank you" Landing page and add tracking pixel to either page header or body as you see fit or your system allows. Each user that has completed the necessary action (eg. purchase or sign-up) needs to be redirected to the "Thank you" page in order to trigger the Conversion Pixel.


Here's how to set it up: log into your RedTrack account, navigate the Tools tab. Choose Tracking Pixel from the list. Copy your Conversion Pixel to clipboard and paste it to your "Thank you" page source code. 


Default Conversion Pixel contains our standard tracking domain - If you're using a custom tracking domain, make sure to edit your Pixel before adding it to the "Thank you" page.  


If you do not make your own Sales pages, we recommend that you contact the vendor and ask them to add your Tracking Pixel to the Order page to enable conversion tracking.

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