Traffic Sources



  1. New - adding a new Traffic Source.
  2. Edit - editing an existing Traffic Source. Select a Source you wish to edit, then click the Edit button.
  3. Delete - removing an existing Network and all of its data.
  4. Export - generating a .CSV report file with Source performance statistics.
  5. Title - searching for a Source by its name.

Confused about how to interpret the statistics? Don’t worry - the meaning of each term can be found in our Glossary.


New Source/Edit Source

If you are using a Traffic Source from our pre-set list, the fields below will be filled in automatically. Otherwise, you will need to add the information manually.




  1. Source name - can be any name you wish to use for your Traffic Source.
  2. Postback URL - enables conversion tracking if supported by the Source. Needs to contain {ref_id} parameter used by RedTrack.
  3. Ref ID - contains clickID macro used by Traffic Source. Enter it if you wish to postback conversions to the Source.
  4. Cost ID - contains macro for individual cost tracking if supported by the Source.
  5. Sub IDs - contains Sub ID tracking parameters supported by this particular Traffic Source.
  6. Hints - contains explanations for each Sub ID for easier reference.


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