Conversion Tracking

Postback domain

If you're using a custom tracking domain, you can choose it from the drop-down list to make sure it automatically applies to all your Postback links. 



The setup you chose will be populated in the S2S conversion tracking field as well as on new Offer/edit Offer page.


S2S Conversion tracking



Tracking pixel 

If the platform you're using does not support Server-to-Server (S2S) conversion tracking, RedTrack provides you with an alternative solution - Conversion Tracking Pixel. More information can be found here.






Bot Blacklist

In order to exclude bot traffic from being added to your statistics, you may set specific Bot Rules based on IP ranges. Such traffic will not be counted towards events included in your RedTrack plan. 





Cloaking feature is available within the Tools tab. You have the ability to create custom filters that can be applied to your Campaigns.

If you wish to list multiple IP ranges, make sure to separate them by comma.




Upon creating a Campaign, navigate the Filters settings and enable Cloaking. You will be able to choose one of your pre-set Cloaking rules from the drop-down list. You can choose to either include or exclude these ranges from the stream. 

You may create several streams within one Campaign and apply separate filters and Cloaking rules to each one of them.




Fallback URL


If Stream settings aren't set up correctly, the data will be passed to your custom Fallback_URL, so don't forget to add the link to your account. This way you will never lose important data.







Provides quick access to RedTrack API documentation.


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