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Сlickky is a full-stack platform for advertisers and publishers, which offers programmatic, performance and video solutions. In 2016, the company has opened access to a self-serve platform for mobile advertisers, where anyone can set up their offers and go live in 10 minutes or less.


Today, we will learn how to use RedTrack to track your Clickky Campaigns. The set up is incredibly simple and takes as little as 4 steps. Both RedTrack and Clickky have intuitive interface making it easy to enter data, run tests and perform incredibly accurate tracking.


Ready to learn everything about your mobile Campaigns? Let's get going!


Step 1. Adding Clickky as a Traffic Source in RedTrack


To add Clickky to RedTrack open the Sources tab and click New. Choose Clickky from the catalog and press Add. Clickky postback URL and available macros will be automatically added to the Source.






Step 2. Starting a Campaign in RedTrack


Now that we have our Traffic Source in place, it is time to set up a new Campaign. In RedTrack, go to the Campaigns tab and click New. Submit all the relevant details, such as your desired Campaign Name, Landing Page and the offer(s) associated with this campaign. Choose Clickky as Traffic Source and click Save.

Your Campaign URL will be generated automatically. You may remove the macros you don't wish to use. The only obligatory parameter for conversion tracking is ref_id. Copy the link to clipboard.





Step 3. Launching a Campaign in Clickky


In order to launch a Campaign, Clickky requires you to enter a link from Google Play or Apple Store. As Affiliate Marketer, you may obtain the link from your Network or contact your Clickky account manager who will provide assistance with the integration.


In your Clickky account, open the Create a Campaign tab and enter your Store URL or Bundle ID. Submit the necessary information regarding your targeted countries and device types, as well as information about your preferred traffic and proceed to the Next Step.




Step 4. Adding tracking link to Clickky

Within the Define Tracking window, you have the ability to enter your Tracking URL.  Paste the Campaign URL you have Copied in Step 2 into the corresponding window and click Build. You will receive a confirmation message. If necessary, the tracking macros can be adjusted right from this page. Click Next Step after you've submitted the necessary information about your Campaign.




Step 5. Generating Postback URL in Clickky


Your Postback URL will be generated automatically in the Check Tracking window. Please note that your unique hash value needs to be manually transferred to RedTrack.




Go back to your RedTrack account and navigate the Postback Settings within the Campaign window. Click Add. Postback URL will be generated automatically using the pre-set template. The only thing you need to edit is the hash number obtained from your Clickky account.




Please note that Clickky is using the CPI cost model currently not supported by RedTrack. We are working on implementing a solution that would allow our customers to properly calculate CPI Campaign costs.


Before your Campaign goes live, Clickky offers you multiple options to run some tests and make sure the integration was successful. Choose the method that suits you the most and click Finish once you are done testing. 



Now you’re all set! Optimizing your Clickky Campaigns will be easier than ever with RedTrack. Once again, all it takes is 5 steps:

  1. Add Clickky to your list of Traffic Sources
  2. Set up a Campaign in RedTrack
  3. Launch a Campaign in Clickky 
  4. Add Tracking URL to Clickky 
  5. Transfer Postback values from Clickky to RedTrack

Hope this guide improves your experience and allows you to make the most out of your offers! Happy tracking!

Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you.

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