What if I want to track my own website traffic?

​Affiliate marketers who promote offers on their own websites are advised to complete these steps to receive performance report in RedTrack:

  1. Open the Traffic Sources tab and add your own website as a traffic source.
  2. Add the offers you’re promoting in the Offers tab. You may also add Landers.
  3. Create New Campaign with your web-site as a traffic source and the offers you promote listed as Offers.

If you wish to run A/B test on your offers, it can be done right from the Campaign creation tab. You can also do the same with Landing pages or combination of Offers and Landing pages.


Upon creating a Campaign you will receive a tracking link called Campaign URL. Place it on you web-site directly or through buill-in redirector. Now, you will get the data on all the clicks in the Campaign report.


You can create several Campaigns / tracking URL is you want to track different placements across your web-properties.

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