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Adsterra is a premium advertising network serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month. They connect product and service companies to their audience through smart advertising platform to raise brand awareness globally, improve ROI, and increase ad revenue. Adsterra mission is to transform digital advertising for web, mobile and social platforms and make it creative, unique and engaging with the help of modern optimization technology.

In this guide, we will walk you through the integration process and explain how to track your Adsterra Campaigns with RedTrack to get maximum ROI.


Step 1. Adding Adsterra as a Traffic Source in RedTrack


To add Adsterra in RedTrack open the Sources tab and click New. Choose Adsterra from the catalog and press Add. Adsterra postback URL and available macros will be automatically added to the Source.

Please make sure to edit the postback URL with your unique Advertiser name. We will explain this in greater detail in Step 4.





Step 2. Starting a Campaign in RedTrack


Now that we have our Traffic Source in place, it is time to set up a new Campaign. In RedTrack, go to the Campaigns tab and click New. Submit all the relevant details, such as your desired Campaign Name, Landing Page and the offer(s) associated with this campaign. Choose Adsterra as Traffic Source and click Save.

Your Campaign URL will be generated automatically. RedTrack parameter for conversion tracking is named ref_id. Copy the link to clipboard.





Step 3. Launching a Campaign in Adsterra



In your Adsterra advertiser account, open the Campaigns tab and click Create. Submit the necessary information regarding your targeted countries and device types, as well as information about your preferred traffic. The Campaign URL you copied in Step 2 needs to be pasted into the Landing URL field. Click Submit once you have finished creating a Campaign. If set up correctly, it will be approved by your Personal manager after a quick review. 



Step 4. Enabling S2S conversion tracking for Adsterra 

Before setting up Postback URL in RedTrack, please contact your Personal manager in Adsterra and ask for your unique Advertiser name. It will then need to be added to the Postback link.

Once you have your Advertiser name, return to your RedTrack account. Navigate the Postback section of the Campaign creation menu and click Add. The Postback URL will be populated automatically using pre-set template. The only thing that needs to be added manually is your Advertiser name.


Keep in mind that conversions will not be passed without the correct Advertiser name. 


In our example, Postback URL looks as follows:





Now you’re all set! Optimizing your Adsterra Campaigns will be easier than ever with RedTrack. All it takes is 4 quick steps:

  1. Add Adsterra to your list of Traffic Sources
  2. Set up a Campaign in RedTrack
  3. Launch a Campaign in Adsterra
  4. Generate Postback URL for Adsterra and add it to RedTrack

Hope this guide improves your experience and allows you to make the most out of your offers! Happy tracking!

Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you.

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