Tracking Organic Traffic

Being a feature-rich tracking solution, RedTrack allows you to track organic traffic alongside the paid traffic. 

This means that, even if there was no initial redirect, such traffic is still recognized by our system and can be monitored as part of a Campaign report. 

Now, let us present several ways to execute organic traffic tracking within the RedTrack interface:


Organic Traffic Campaign


This solution is perfect for those who uses several traffic sources for each Lander. Organic traffic stands out in this scenario and you may want a separate Campaign to keep track of your statistics. 

Here's how you set up an Organic Tracking Campaign:

Since you do not know what source your visitors may come from, your own website serves as the Traffic Source.

  1. Open the Traffic Sources tab and add your own website as a traffic source.
  2. Add the offers you’re promoting in the Offers tab. You may also add Landers.
  3. Create New Campaign with your web-site as a traffic source and the offers you promote listed as Offers.
  4. Click Save and copy the LP Pixel associated with this Campaign. 
  5. Paste the LP Pixel on your website.

With this setup, your Organic traffic statistics will be accumulated within a specific Campaign. 


Tracking Organic Traffic as Part of a Regular Campaign


If you're using a limited number of Traffic sources, it might be convenient to track Organic traffic within an existing Campaign. 

In order to make it happen, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Campaign creation/edit window.
  2. Copy LP Pixel that is populated upon saving a Campaign.
  3. Edit the LP Pixel so that one of the subid parameters is appointed to track organic traffic. eg. <img src="[campaign]&sub2=[zone]&sub3=[udid]&sub4=[advertiser]&sub5=[organic]&sub6=[ban]&sub7=[country]&sub8=[packcpm]&sub9=[org]&ref_id=[clickid]?format=img" height="1" width="1" />
  4. Insert the LP Pixel on your website.
  5. Open Campaigns tab, select your Campaign from the list and click Report. Group your statistics by subid (in our example, choose sub5). 

This way you will see full report on your organic traffic. 


Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!


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