Custom Filters

RedTrack allows you to create custom filters that can be added as pre-set templates and enabled upon creating a Campaign.  


Right now, the following filter categories are supported:


  • Countries
  • Cities
  • ISP
  • OS
  • OS version 
  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • Device type 
  • Device brand
  • Device model
  • Connection types
  • IP
  • Subs
  • Cloaking 
  • Referrer
  • Referrer domain
  • Languages 


Custom filters can be accessed and managed from the Tools>Filter presets section.







There are two ways of creating a filter: you may choose a parameter from the list or type it in manually. Please keep in mind that value name containing syntax errors may lead to your filter not working as intended. Filters can be either included or excluded from the stream based on your preferences.






Upon creating a Campaign, navigate the Filters section. You will have the ability to either use one of your pre-set filters or add a new filter for that particular Campaign. 



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