Impression Tracking

Impression is the number of times a banner ad is viewed. When used with other tracking metrics, impressions give you a vital overview of your ad campaign performance, like where you have more impressions and fewer click-throughs, or vice versa.


To track impressions in RedTrack, you need to make several easy steps:


1. Go to the Traffic Sources tab. Use either the Source from the list of pre-sets or create a new one.


2. Navigate to the impression tracking attributes.




Insert the corresponding macros of the Traffic Source of your choice, where:


Imp Ref ID — traffic source macro for imp_id. Important if you plan to postbackimpressions to the source.


Impression Cost ID — traffic source macro for impressions cost. Important if you want to get individual cost data for each impression.


Make sure that the Traffic Source you're using supports Impression Tracking.



3. Click the Save button. Along with click tracking, you have now enabled the impression tracking for the Traffic Source entity in RedTrack.


4. Set up your campaign in RedTrack. To do so, go to the Campaigns tab. Enter all the obligatory entities and choose the Traffic Source, where you have activated the impression tracking option. Save the campaign. RedTrack will generate two tracker URLs: one for click-based attribution, another — for impression tracking.


impression tracking


Copy both links and insert them on the Traffic Source side.


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