FraudScore Integration

FraudScore helps advertisers to monitor mobile ad campaigns and detect fraudulent activity: conversion, install, registration, etc. You get a detailed report with enough data to cut out fraud and save up to 40% of your budget.
FraudScore Integration is available for all RedTrack users subscribed to Starter Plan and above. 

Step 1. Obtaining Fraudscore API key

1.1 Go to your Fraudscore account
1.2 Go to Integrations:
1.3 Copy your API key. This value is unique for every account.

Step 2. RedTrack Integration


#1 Go to your account
#2 Go to Profile>Integrations Tab
#3 Add Fraudscore API key from Step 1.3

Step 3. Activating FraudScore for Traffic Source:


3.1 Go to existing Traffic Source or create a new one
3.2 Activate Fraudscore integration (scroll to the bottom of the page)
3.3 Save Traffic Source changes
Yes, it's that simple! Complete these 3 steps and enjoy the extra fraud protection for your business with FraudScore Integration.
Please note that there is some delay in data processing
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