kma.png is an affiliate network with its own products and excellent conditions for advertisers and partners. Please note that their interface is in Russian language only.


If you decided to promote Offers with, follow these steps for Integration with


Step 1. Adding as a Network in RedTrack


The first step is to add as an Affiliate Network in RedTrack. Go to the Networks Tab in your RedTrack account and click New. Since is already included in the RedTrack Networks database, just choose it from the suggested pre-sets and click Add. The data will be filled in automatically, including clickID macros.


You may add additional macros to the POSTBACK SUBIDS field. Here's the list of Postback macros supported by 




Copy the Final Postback URL template and click Save.


Additionally, you are able to choose which action will be taken upon receiving duplicate Postback from this Network:


  • Creating new Conversion
  • Ignoring duplicate Postbacks
  • Editing Conversion with new data
  • Keeping original data and incrementing payout




Step 2. Setting up Postback URL in


Log into your account. The Network allows you to either create a Global Postback URL that will apply to all Offers, or set up individual Postbacks upon creating an Offer. In our example, we will be adding a Global Postback.


In order to do that, go to Инструменты>Глобальный postback. Paste the Postback URL you have copied in Step 1 and click Применить.





Step 3. Obtaining Offer Link from


Navigate the Offers tab and Browse/Search available Offers. Open the one you wish to promote by clicking the "Создать поток" button. Submit the information regarding your Traffic and choose Landings. 


In the Postback section, activate Global Postback or enter an individual one:




Hit the "Создать поток" button and your tracking link will be generated automatically. However, you need to manually add RedTrack clickID macro to the URL. The corresponding token is {clickid}. The setup should look like this:






Step 4. Creating an Offer in RedTrack


Copy your Offer link from and return to your RedTrack account. Go to Offers tab and click New. Fill in all the relevant details, apply filters if necessary and choose as Affiliate Network. Postback URL will be populated automatically.


Paste your tracking link into the URL field, specify GEO and click Save. Our clickID macro will be already added to the Postback link, so you don't need to input it manually. 






Please note that Geo is for your reference only and is not being used for traffic filtering or distribution. All Traffic filtering and distribution settings are done in the Campaign tab.




Now you’re all set! Tracking your Campaigns will be easier than ever with RedTrack. Just complete these 4 simple steps:


  1. Add to your list of Affiliate Networks in RedTrack
  2. Set up Postback URL in
  3. Obtain an Offer link from
  4. Add your Offers to RedTrack


And you’re good to go!


Hope this guide makes tracking an enjoyable experience and allows you to make the most out of your offers!


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at and our team will be happy to assist you.

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