Redirect Rules

Upon creating a Campaign, RedTrack allows you to decide what kind of referrer data will be passed to the offer owner. You can choose one of the four redirect rules available for affiliate marketers.

When a click action happens, the server passes the referrer information to the offer website. In some cases, you may wish to wipe your referrer data and generate an anonymous redirect link.




HTTP 302 Redirect - standard temporary redirect mode. Your audience will be sent directly to the offer you’re promoting. Your data gets passed as a referrer.

HTTP Meta Redirect - when the click happens, browser starts loading the page. However, it loads just the website head, without the body, while redirecting the user to a new location URL.

JS Meta Redirect - meta redirect that is accomplished via JavaScript. Works only if JavaScript is enabled on the client side. We recommend to use HTTP redirect over this method, if possible.

HTTP 302 Redirect with hidden referrer - at the time of redirect we remove referrer data on the server level before it gets to the browser.



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