Network Statistics

Networks can be sorted by date and campaign and allow to track the perfomance of each Network:


The following information can be tracked for each Affiliate Network:

  • Offers - the amount of Offers from each Network
  • Clicks - the number of clicks generated for each particular Network
  • Conversions - the number of conversions that occured for each Network
  • CR - conversion rate - the percentage of clicks that resulted in a conversion
  • CPA - cost per action (acquisition) - a fee for a certain action (form submission, registration, download, etc.
  • EPC - earning per click - the amount received for a click bought from a traffic source. EPC can be calculated as Revenue divided by Clicks
  • CPC - cost per click - net cost of a click bought within a traffic source. Calculated as Cost divided by Clicks
  • Revenue - the amount received for the payment of conversions within all Campaigns from each particular Network. Revenue can be found by multiplying campaign’s conversions and payout
  • Cost - the cost of all clicks on Offers from each particular Network
  • Profit - net income of all Offers from each Network. Profit is a difference between the campaign’s Revenue and campaign’s Cost
  • ROI - return of investment - profitability level of all Offers from a Network. ROI can be calculated by the following pattern: Profit/Cost *100%. If the ROI > 0%, that means that Offers are profitable.


Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking! 


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