How to create a fake conversion to test Traffic Source postback

Sometimes it may be required to create a fake conversion in order to check if the integration with Traffic Source has been established correctly before starting a real campaign.

To do this follow the steps below: 

1. Generate a test click from your Traffic Source with a Campaign Click URL - so we have the real click_id data available.
(or send couple of live clicks)

2. Check logs to find that clicks. Choose one and copy it:

3. Paste into browser this{replace_me_with_click_id_from_logs}
Replace the {replace_me_with_click_id_from_logs} part with the Click ID from point 2 to generate a test conversion for this click id. 

4. Check your Traffic Source for the conversion.


Please note that a fake conversion can be created for testing a postback with the Traffic Source only. If you need to test a postback with your Affiliate Network, please contact your Network Account Manager for assistance. Some Networks have an option for postback testing in the settings.


Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!

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