How to create a fake conversion to test Traffic Source postback

Sometimes it may be required to create a fake conversion in order to check if the integration with Traffic Source has been established correctly before starting a real campaign.

To do this follow the steps below: 


1. Create a fake campaign in RedTrack with the target traffic source.

2. Generate a Click so that RedTrack can record it in your Logs.

3. Paste the link in traffic source verification field and generate an URL (that leads to the link you just added)

4. Click on the link generated and wait to get fully loaded. After the link is loaded head back to RedTrack "Logs" -> "Clicks".

5. Find your fake click's Traffic Source Click id.

6. After finding the Click ID, please replace the click data to the information you have found in p.5

For Example for Advertizer the link will look the following way:*Advertizer Click ID*&amount=0.05&advertiser_id=*your_account_name*&key=*your_key* (take a look at your advertizer’s postback)

7. Finally visit this link and by 
visiting you will send back conversion to the network.

8. Check the traffic source for the fake postback.


Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!

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