Create/Edit Campaign


1. Navigate to the "Campaigns" tab and click the New button. Fill in the Campaign details:

2. Enter the Campaign name.

3. Select a Traffic Source associated with this campaign.

4. Specify Domain, Cost model, amount,value, note, tags:

  1. Domain - tracking domain used in this Campaign. Can be default ( or custom.
  2. Cost model - choosing the cost model used by your Traffic Source:

    - CPC

    - CPA

    - RevShare

    - Do not track

  3. Value add value specified in your Traffic Source.
  4. Note - add a custom note.
  5. Tags - add a custom tag to your Campaign.

5. Define the Streams for the Campaign:

     a. Select an Offer to associate with this Campaign Stream

     b. Select a Lander for the Campaign (if applicable).

     c. Define the stream Weight and apply Filters if necessary. To select multiple filters, click down the arrow in the Filters field and enable the filters you want to use.

     d. If you want to add more streams to the campaign, click the Add button.

6. Redirect: HTTP 302 Redirect With Hidden Referrer - this is an option that do now allow a product owner to see from where the traffic came from. This option is used to protect the work (so no one can see and copy the landinds for example).

Choose redirect type for your Campaign:

- HTTP 302 redirect

- HTTP meta redirect

- JS media redirect

- HTTP 302 redirect with hidden referrer

7. In Postback section, click Add and the link will be filled-in automatically if you're using a pre-set traffic source. However, some traffic sources require you to edit the Postback with specific parameters for each specific campaign (eg. goal for Exoclick or ap_key for Go2Mobi).

If the field remained blank, you need to manually define postback conditions. The Postback link can be obtained from your traffic source. Make sure to to add {ref_id} tag to your Postback link. Specify additional subs if needed.

Example of a correct Postback link:{ref_id}


Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!


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