To get your campaign up and running, you need to select applicable landing page and offer in Streams section of a Campaign.

Sophisticated affiliate marketers can leverage this feature to provide more granular testing and optimization.

  1. You can add more than one landing page to the Stream. Traffic will be distributed between landing pages according to the specified "weight".
  2. You can add more than one offer to the Stream. Traffic from landing page to offer will be distributed according to specified "weight".
  3. You can add more then one Stream when creating / editing campaign. Clicks will be distributed between streams according to specified "weight".

Consider this an advanced system for A/B tests.

In each campaign Stream you can add several offers or landings to run split tests, that can depend on weight you set to selected offer.


You can also apply Filters to each Stream. Here is a list of all the available Filters:


These three levels of traffic distribution provide you with the ultimate flexibility when setting and optimizing traffic flows to maximize ROI.


Basic notions


  1. Weight - traffic distribution rules in case of multiple streams.
  2. Landing Page - adding an existing Lander or creating a new Lander.
  3. Offer - adding an existing Offer or creating a new Offer.
  4. Weight - traffic distribution rules in case of multiple Offers.
  5. Filters - filtering out your offers by:

    - Countries

    - Cities

    - ISP

    - Browser

    - Operation Systems

    - Connection Types

    - Device Types

    - IP

    - Sub ids

    - Cloaking 
  6. Add - adding a new stream



Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!

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