Offers: general information


  1. New - creating a new offer.
  2. Edit - editing an existing offer.  Select an offer you wish to edit, then click the Edit button.
  3. Clone - creating a copy of an existing Offer. The word “Copy” will be added to Offer name.
  4. Edit tags - editing custom tags that apply to your Offers
  5. Change status - choosing one of the following statuses available: active, archived or deleted.
  6. Export - generating a .CSV report file with Offer statistics.
  7. Networks - filtering out Offers by Affiliate Network.
  8. Tags - filtering out offers by custom tags.
  9. Status filter - filtering out Offers by current status.

Confused about how to interpret the statistics? Don’t worry - the meaning of each term can be found in our Glossary.


New Offer/Offer Edit



  1. Offer name - can be any name you wish to use for your Offer.
  2. Affiliate network - Affiliate Network that has provided the Offer. Needs to be added from "Networks" tab first. 
  3. Payout - the amount you receive per action, specified by Affiliate Network.
  4. Unique visits - allows you to limit the number of times each particular offer will be shown to the same visitor.
  5. Time period - sets the time frame for unique visits cap. 
  6. Conversion cap - select to get notified via e-mail when daily cap is reached for this Offer.
  7. URL - tracking link that leads to a specific Offer. Should be obtained from Affiliate Network and contain {clickid} conversion tracking macro.
  8. Sub ids - optional tracking macros that can be added to track additional parameters. 
  9. Postback URL - enables S2S tracking.




  1. Postback - Postback URL will be generated automatically if you are using an Affiliate Network from a pre-set list. Otherwise, it needs to be created manually and contain affiliate clickid macro. Additionally, you can use optional macros to track more parameters.
  2. Country - specifying countries you target for this specific offer. 


Please note that Geo is for reference only and not used for traffic filtering or distribution. All Traffic filtering and distribution settings are done in the Campaign tab.



Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!

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