Landings: general information



  1. New - adding a new Lander.
  2. Edit - editing an existing Lander. Select a Lander you wish to edit, then click the Edit button.
  3. Clone - creating a copy of an existing Lander. The word “Copy” will be added to Lander name.
  4. Delete - removing an existing Lander and all of its data.
  5. Export - generating a .CSV report file with Lander performance statistics.


New Lander/Edit Lander




  1. Title - can be any name you wish to use for your Lander.
  2. URL - link to your Lander. Can be obtained from Affiliate Network or be set up on your own domain. Additional parameters can be added to your link if you wish.
  3. Tracking code - add to your Lander to enable tracking.
  4. LP Pixel - add to your Lander to track direct traffic.
  5. LP Protect - protects Landings  from direct entry. Your Landing should have .php extension.
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