Conversions are not passes to Traffic Source

Perform the following actions:

Go to Logs / Postbacks and check if there are fresh postbacks that correlate with your conversions:

1. If there are none - please check your campaign settings.

- if there is a postback URL - we have a bug, let us know about it  

- if there is no postback URL - please add it. 

2. If postbacks are in place - please check two things: 

- Leftmost column - ref_id - please make sure it has the data. If it has not data - it is a setup mistake or bug - we will handle it for you.

- Postback URL column - it should match the postback URL template and have ref_id filled in.

  • If it is the case - just export the file, send it to your Traffic Source account manager and ask why there are no conversions. 
  • if this is not the case - it is a setup mistake or a bug - let us know about it  we will handle it for you. 



Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you. Happy tracking!

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