YTZ Integration

YTZ is an international performance network that specializes in monetizing traffic.

YTZ partners with affiliates and networks from all over the world to monetize international traffic using our highly optimized rotator links and exclusive campaigns. With coverage across 150+ countries and all devices. 

Step 1. Adding YTZ as a Network in RedTrack

The first step is to add YTZ as an Affiliate Network in RedTrack. Go to the Networks Tab in your RedTrack account and click New. Since YTZ is already included in the RedTrack Networks database, just choose it from the suggested pre-sets and click Add. The data will be filled in automatically. Copy the Postback URL template and click Save.

You may add additional macros to the POSTBACK SUBIDS field. Here's the list of Postback macros supported by YTZ:

 {SUB1} {SUB2} {SUB3} {SUB4} {SUB5} {REVENUE}.

Step 2. Setting up Postback URL in YTZ

Log into your YTZ account. The Network allows you to either create a Global Postback URL that will apply to all Offers, or set up individual Postbacks upon creating an Offer. In our example, we will be adding a Global Postback.

1. Go to Tracking->Postback Tracking

2. Fill in the fields. Paste the Postback URL you have copied in Step 1 and click Save.

Step 3. Obtaining an offer link in YTZ

1.Go to Campaigns tab, search for available approved offers:

2.Choose an offer you wish to send traffic to and open it.

3.Fill in click id macros. If you wish to use RedTrack, the correct parameter will be {clickid}. Offer link will be updated automatically. Copy it:

Step 4. Creating an offer in RedTrack

Return to your RedTrack account. Go to Offers tab and click New. Fill in the relevant details, such as Payout and your desired Offer Name, choose YTZ as Affiliate Network. Postback URL will be filled in automatically. Paste your unique offer link into the URL field, specify country and click Save.

Please note that GEO is for reference only and not used for traffic filtering or distribution. All Traffic filtering and distribution settings are done in the Campaign tab.



Now you’re all set! Optimizing your YTZ campaigns will be easier than ever with RedTrack. Once again, all it takes is 4 steps:


  1. Add YTZ to your list of Affiliate Networks
  2. Obtain a tracking link for offer conversion tracking
  3. Set up your Postback URL
  4. Add your offers to RedTrack


Hope this guide improves your experience and allows you to make the most out of your offers!


Should you have any further questions, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you.


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