White/Blacklisting Sources and Domains

To add traffic sources and domains to black or white lists, please use the following formats:


    publisher_id:*:*  allows to whitelist/blacklist  specific publisher with all their site_ids/domains and placements 34567:*:*
    publisher_id:*:placement_id  allows to whitelist/blacklist all  matching placements of specific publisher 34567:*:1
    *:*:placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  all matching placements across all the publishers and site_ids/domains :*:1
    publisher_id:site_id:* allows to whitelist/blacklist  certain site ID of specific publisher 34567:1234:*
    publisher_id:site_id:placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  certain placement within specific site ID of specific publisher 34567:12345:1
    *:site_id:placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  certain placement within specifiic site ID *:1234:1
    *:site_id:* allows to whitelist/blacklist  unique site ID *:12345:*
    publisher_id:domain:* allows to whitelist/blacklist  certain publisher's  domain 34567:blogspot.com:*
    publisher_id:domain:placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  certain placement within specific domain of specific publisher 34567:blogspot.com:1
    *:domain:placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  all matching placements within matching domains *:blogspot.com:1
    domain          *:domain:* allows to whitelist/blacklist  a specific domain blogspot.com                                   *:blogspot.com:*
    *.domain.com allows to whitelist/blacklist  all subdomains *.blogspot.com
    *::* allows to whitelist/blacklist  all blank domains. *::*
    publisher_id::placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist all matching placements within blank domains of specific publisher 34567::1
    publisher_id::* allows to whitelist/blacklist  all placements within blank domains of specific  publisher 34567::*
    *::placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  all matching  placements within blank domains across all publishers *::1
    publisher_id:bundle:* allows to whitelist/blacklist  certain bundle of application within specific publisher 34567:com.ultralabapps.filterloop:*
    publisher_id:bundle:placement_id allows to whitelist/blacklist  all matching placements within specific bundle of application of certain publisher *:com.ultralabapps.filterloop:1
    bundle          *:bundle:* allows to whitelist/blacklist  specific bundle of application com.ultralabapps.filterloop       *:com.ultralabapps.filterloop:*
    URL allows to whitelist/blacklist  specific URL http://ultralabapps.com/help

* - represents any value.

Please note that  placement_id can be shown up as any numbers, letters or words.

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