Creating Postback URL

Postback URL allows you to track conversions using a third-party tracking platform and send the information about conversions to RedTrack DSP reports. This way you can track ROI on the reports page and optimize campaigns to achieve better results. As a rule Postback URL is used for CPA campaigns.


To get a Postback URL, follow the steps listed below:


1. On the New Campaign page, enable Attribution & Tracking.


2. Choose the Postback URL option and find the URL generated.


3. Copy the URL, replace [IMPRESSION_ID] with the parameters from your tracking platform.[IMPRESSION_ID]&price=return_value


For example, if your tracking platform uses {clickid} and {payout} parameters, your Postback URL would be formatted as follows:{clickid}&price={payout}


Please note that the parameters will be different for each tracking software. You need to obtain all the parameters from your tracking platform.


4. Paste the Postback URL you have created into your tracking platform.



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