Formatting Click-Through URL

Once your Postback URL has been set up, you need to provide a click-through URL when adding a creative to your campaign.


To do that:


1.Copy the Offer Link from your tracking platform.



2. Modify the Offer Link by adding RedTrack DSP [CLICK_ID] macro.


Normally, offer links contain Click ID parameters:


You need to replace the clickid value with the [CLICK_ID] macro as follows: clickid=4f3hgeh --> clickid=[CLICK_ID][CLICK_ID]


In case there is no Click ID parameter included into your offer link, you need to add it manually depending on the parameters supported by your tracking platform. Most of the time, it would be a variation of clickid/subid or refid. Please note that the clickid parameter prevails.


For example, your offer link looks like this:


After adding the click ID parameter ( clickid or subid) and our macro [CLICK_ID], your link should look like this:[CLICK_ID][CLICK_ID]


Please note that if both clickid and subid parameters are supported by your tracking platform, the clickid parameter prevails.


3. Put the link into the Click-through URL field upon creating a Campaign.


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